Guide To Child Car Safety

Child Car Safety GuideThere’s no doubt you would do everything in your power to keep your kids safe when riding in vehicles. Or is there? While you may believe you’re using child restraints appropriately, in reality, 73% of car child restraints aren’t installed properly. And in just one year, more than 600,000 children rode in cars without some type of booster seat or seat belt.

Car seats are notoriously difficult to install. Car manufacturers have addressed the issue with the LATCH system, but it’s still up to you to ensure your child’s seat is stable and safe. By keeping a few basic rules of thumb in mind, and making some adjustments to your child’s safety seat or restraint, your child stands a better chance of making it through an accident unscathed. And that’s worth a few extra minutes of your time, isn’t it?

Once you’ve taken care of that, let everyone else on the road know you have precious cargo in your vehicle by posting a “Baby on Board” sign in your window. But not just any sign—make it one you designed yourself! Enter the Baby on Board Contest from 21st Century Auto Insurance, and you may be one of eight weekly winners of a car seat of your choice. You’ll also be entered to win the grand prize: $10,000 cash to make over your baby’s room! Below is an infographic they created to get the word out.

Start designing your “Baby on Board” sign and enter today!

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