Top 7 Car Safety Infographics from 2011

The beginning of a new year is the perfect reason to look back at the content we posted in 2011. After browsing our infographics, we selected the top 7 IGs about car safety that we’ve posted in the previous year.

Strangest Car Recalls of 2011

One of our favorite 2011 infographics is actually one that reflects on the year’s car recall data. You’ve probably heard about the biggest car recalls, but have you heard about the weirdest? If not, this IG is definitely worth checking out.

Car Safety in 2011: How New Technology Will Reduce Your Insurance

This infographic starts by mentioning how car insurance is affected by the safety rating of your car. It then goes on to detail all of the cool, useful safety features that have come out recently, including blind spot alert and rear view cameras.

Car Theft Factors and Facts

You might have played Grand Theft Auto or heard about a friend’s car getting broken into, but how much do you really know about car theft? Check out this infographic for a breakdown of car theft stats.

The Evolution of Safer Cars

While the second infographic focuses on the car safety features available in 2011, this infographic dives a little deeper and explores the evolution of car safety.

Texting While Driving: Do Bans Make a Difference?

After all of the news about texting while driving being outlawed in many areas, it leaves people wondering: Are these bans really deterring people from texting behind the wheel? This infographic will help answer that for you.

Crash Test Dummies: What You Can Learn From Them

These yellow dummies help vehicle testers establish which cars are the safest. Because they’re so pertinent to know what’s safe and what’s not, what can we learn from these dummies? This infographic explains what the dummies are and what they help us figure out.

Tires Cost How Much? Why Your Treads Are Worth It

Tires are obviously necessary in order for your car to function, but tire upkeep is also extremely important so that your car will drive properly. This IG explains why you should be checking your tires often and tells you how to do so.


These are some of our favorite infographics because of their design and information. Which do you think are best? What kind of infographics are you interested in seeing in 2012?

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