6 Tackiest Christmas Car Decorations You WANT

When it comes to holiday decorations, the line between trendy and tacky is as thin as a string of tinsel. It’s difficult to keep from overdoing your decorations or doing something really corny. You’ve seen all of the hideous Christmas decorations out there, but are there any you can use in your car that are actually cute? We have a list of 9 awesome, tasteful takes on how to decorate without being tacky.

Rudolph Costume




The charming, well known story about a reindeer that stood out from the rest has created one of the most important Christmas mascots we have. People will do all kinds of creative things to incorporate Rudolph into their daily lives.

Many drivers dress up their vehicles to look like the famous red-nosed reindeer, and we can’t help but think it’s cute. Most costume packages come with the nose that attaches to the front of the car and antlers on either side of the top of the car.

Steering Wheel Wreaths



These super adorable steering wheel covers were featured by the FaveCraftsBlog as items you can make by simply crocheting. We love how simple and decorative these DIY crafts can be, and they’d even make great gifts to give to your friends. Add a little bow to the cute candy cane pattern, and the cover is complete.

Not only is this item decorative, but it’s also useful. Have you ever grabbed your steering wheel after a cold winter’s night? This allows you to have a soft steering wheel cover that adds a ton of holiday spirit to the inside of your vehicle.

Christmas Light Magnets



All right, we admit it. These magnets have the potential to be tacky. It’s all about how you use them. First of all, if they’re all over a car, pointing in every direction, that’s going to look terrible. However, if you arrange these magnets to actually resemble a string of colorful lights, these magnets can be a cheap and easy way to decorate your vehicle. These magnets look especially good on a pick-up truck when they are aligned to the back bed. If you can’t visualize what we’re talking about, check out the images on this website.

Disney Antenna Toppers




As Disney fans, we can’t get over how cute these antenna toppers are. Disney sells toppers year round on many different characters, from Minnie Mouse to Stitch, but the seasonal ones are super cute. Many of them come in packages like the one shown above — and look, there’s Rudolph again!

Antenna toppers are a subtle way of showing everyone that you’re in the Christmas spirit. They don’t overwhelm the appearance of your car, and while they do catch the eye of others, they’re not even close to being an overwhelming sight. This is an easy way to show your Christmas cheer and your love for Disney!

Backseat Santa



If you want complete strangers driving beside you down the street to think you’re BFFs with Santa, this is the perfect decorative product. Stick this Santa to your backseat window, and it’ll look like jolly old Saint Nick is chilling in the back of your sedan.

It’s simply a cling, which means it uses static cling to attach itself to many surfaces, including car windows. This makes it easier to avoid removing sticky residue, so you can decorate without worrying.


Santa Collision



We’re not sure why Santa would be jaywalking when his typical mode of transportation is a reindeer-pulled sleigh, but we’ll roll with it. Terrify the local children and entertain fellow adults with this ridiculous car decoration.

We really just love how over-the-top this one is. It’s large, life-like, and goes into so much detail that Santa’s tongue is sticking out. It’s hard not to laugh at this outrageous spectacle rolling down the street, which is why it made it on our list. Even though it depicts Santa getting hit by a car, its humor really makes feel the jolliness of Christmas.


If it’s done right, “tacky” items can really get you in the holiday mood. Some of the most adorable Christmas decorations are simple, easy accents to your vehicle. No need to completely blanket it with Christmas chaos. Buy some clever, cute decorations to spread holiday cheer to everyone you wiz by.

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