50 Funniest Road Signs

Our roads are filled with them: stop signs, billboards, advertisements; you name it. Most of the time they’re normal, correct—and boring. Every now and then (out of either sheer brilliance or stupidity) someone screws them up.

Whatever the reason, these signs have one thing in common; they’re worth a second look! If you’re lucky, you’ll spot one or two crazy road-side messages as you travel around the world. Until then, live vicariously through these hilarious examples of signage humor.

1. Wow. Just Wow.

It seems even state governments enjoy bashing ex-presidents. Regardless of your political affiliation, these signs deserve a double-take.

2. Oh, No They Didn’t!

OK, this one might have gone too far: any bets on whether Hilary bribed the sign guy?

3. Talk About Unnecessary Signage

This one must be part of the stimulus package. Yay, new jobs!

4. You’ll Need a Little Luck to Follow These Directions

It could be worse: instead of Chick’s RV Park there could be a Bates Motel in the background.

5. When You Got to Go!

Just go!

6. Unless It’s Your Dog!

Rover’s good at holding it; right?

7. Alrighty. We Get It.

Just what we all needed—instructions. Look closely: they didn’t put the lid down.

8. Think About It, Ladies

Instructions, or a warning? Either way, that’s one disturbing sign.

9. Um, I’ll Pay the Fine!

Is that a $100 fine for putting out a fire? Or a whack on you-know-what for answering the call of nature? Maybe you should just wait for the next rest area.

10. Really?

Probably just a cultural misunderstanding…

11. If Your Kids ARE Drinking Beer, This Might Apply:

12. Hold Onto Your Brains, Boys!

You might be in for a wild ride.

13. Really, Really Confusing

Wow; enough said.

14. Thanks for Telling Us!

We might have missed them.

15. In a Word: No.

It’s funny, unless you’re on the road when two semi trucks pass at the same time.

16. Smokey The Bear Says, “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires!”

This sign needed was a “no beans” logo.

17. A New Travel Game!

How much for the fast ones?

18. Watch Your Kids, Folks!

19. Just What We Need!

Considering these little buggers can live through a nuclear disaster, it really tells you something about smoking that the cockroaches are effected.

20. Read Between the Lines

21. When mother nature calls!

22. So . . . Where Should I Go?

23. Shhh – Don’t Tell Anyone!

But, there’s a secret nuclear bunker right over there.

24. Okay, We Get It

At least we hope the cemetery is a dead end—otherwise, we’ll need to turn that zombie sign back on in this locale.

25. Keep an Eye Out

Bet you didn’t know you were entering an official flashing zone, did you?

26. Talk About Confusing

This sign-maker must be the mixed-message master!

27. Thanks a Lot!

Very helpful. Thanks, guys. You’ve been great. Oh no, I don’t need anything else. I’m good.

28. We Noticed You Noticed We Noticed You Noticed

Mission accomplished.

29. Just Send Me the *#%& Ticket

Talk about adding insult to injury.

30. Just in Case Mom Didn’t Tell You

The highway sign guys thought they’d remind you. Don’t you just love the tighty-whitey logo? It’s enough to make you give up going commando.

31. Just in Case You Didn’t Get It the First Time

Or you lack common sense—alligators are dangerous—stay on your side of the fence. Who would have guessed?

32. Can’t Make Up Your Mind?

This picture should be enough to get you out of that traffic ticket, or land you in prison. Guess it all depends on who chose the sign combination in this crazy town.

33. Just Close Your Eyes and Go Real Fast

It’ll be over before you know it.

34. Be Prepared For The Unexpected

35. Good Thing You Have a Hover Car

36. Another Confusing Sign

How hard could it be to give one, clear message?

37. What Does This Even Mean?

Have you ever seen an empty dog?

38. Umm . . . Thank You?

How ’bout this for warm hospitality!

39. If It Wasn’t for This Sign . . .

We would have missed it. Thanks for the advance notice.

40. Watch Out for Crawling Drunks!

At least they aren’t driving. Seriously; if you live in a town that needs this sign, move!

41. Paranoid, Much?

Unless this is the world’s most popular vacation destination for serial killers, this an odd request.

42. Have to Love Highway Sign Hackers

Couldn’t they have used a little more imagination after going to all that trouble?

43. Thanks for the Encouragement

But, your graphics just make me need to go more!

44. Who Knew Cracked Dentures was an Official Hazard?

Time to check auto insurance policies.

45. Next Time Someone Asks Where You’re Going

Don’t say “nowhere,” say “no name.”

46. This Sign-Maker Wasn’t Taking Chances

How can you go wrong with a blank sign?

47. Ah, Man. Have to Face Another Boss.

48. Cute

This is only cute until you crash into the accident that had been barricaded.

49. This Sign Should Just Say “Stay in the Car!”

The best advice is to just avoid anyplace that has mosquitoes this big.

50. …But They’re so Cuddly!


The Welsh reads, “I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated.” Clearly, this coworker was in too much of a hurry to notice.


Now that you’ve had a good laugh, remember to pay more attention as you go about your daily life. When you’re having a bad day, you might be able to find a little humor just around the corner—literally. This list may even inspire you to create your own twisted message to brighten someone else’s day! Either way, snap a picture, and share it online.

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